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Dr. Marilyn Barrett has a multi-disciplinary background with broad range of experience in medicinal plant research including taxonomic botany, phytochemistry and pharmacology. She has 25 years experience in this field and has been an independent consultant since 1994.

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Latest scientific information
We use the latest scientific information to answer your questions regarding the efficacy and safety of herbal medicines. Our services include customized searches of the most recent studies from scientific literature databases.

Assure your product claims are backed by science

Analysis of the efficacy of a botanical product includes examination of the following information:
  • Human clinical trials - what do human studies tell us about the benefits of the product or ingredient?
  • Pharmacological studies (in vitro, biochemical and/or animal studies) - what is known about the possible mechanism of action and possible active chemical constituents?
  • Pharmacopoeial listings - which Pharmacopoeias have profiled the herb in question and what are their recommendations?
  • Traditional Use (ethnobotanical data) - how has this herb been used in traditionally, by which cultures and in what context?
Analysis of the safety of a botanical product may include an assessment of:
  • Reports in medical literature - descriptions of adverse events in clinical trials, post marketing surveys and case reports
  • Pharmacological profiles - animal safety studies and in vitro toxicological studies
  • Drug/Herb interactions - evaluation the probability of interaction(s) with drugs or other herbs. Is the evidence based upon a single report, a theoretical mechanism of action, or a clinical study?
  • History of use - what clues can the history of use tell us about safety?
  • Identity of the herb - Some herbs, although safe themselves, can be substituted with others that may pose a safety hazard.
  • Product quality - Be aware of its role as it relates to the safety of your products.
     Botanical Characterization
Complete characterization of a botanical product is important in ensuring therapeutic consistency and comparing one product to another.
  • Standardization - when does it indicate therapeutic consistency and when does it not?
  • Product comparison - what information is required to compare two products?
  • Scientific studies - How much detail is necessary on tested material?

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Talks, workshops and instructional booklets and/or monographs. Education for consumers and health providers.
  • Customized instructional booklets and/or monographs
  • Small group on-site training sessions
  • Presentations and workshops