Providing a scientific foundation for herbal medicines and nutritional supplements

Our Consulting Services

We provide scientific information on herbal remedies and dietary supplements to manufacturers, law firms, associations, and government. We offer support from an independent source, qualified by education, training and over 24 years of experience. We communicate effectively through writing and speaking.

Evidence-based reviews of efficacy and safety

We provide an evidence-based synopsis of the efficacy and safety of herbal ingredients and nutritional supplements which can be used for substantiation of label claims and in promotional materials.

Dietary Supplement Health Claim Substantiation & Cautionary Statements

Customized reviews for your product offer peace of mind with dietary supplement label statements. We provide guidance on compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s and the Federal Trade Commission’s guidance documents on dietary supplement label statements.

Safety Assesments

Our safety reviews provide confidence in your dietary supplement cautionary label statements and may be used to address liability concerns from insurance companies. Our team of consultants conducts Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) reviews and New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) applications. We have recently conducted a successful GRAS determination for a proprietary CBD (cannabidiol) product.

Formulate Products

We formulate customized dietary supplement products and work with contract manufacturers to assure the inclusion of quality ingredients.

Get Your Scientific Studies Published

We have great success in writing up clinical studies for publication in alternative medical and nutritional journals, even those that have been previously rejected.

Be Educated

We offer talks, workshops and instructional booklets and/or monographs for in-house education, consumers and/or health providers.

Our Clients

Myth Breaking by a Think Tank of Scientists

There are many myths that are held by health professionals and by the public regarding herbal remedies. How many of these have been evaluated scientifically using indepth analysis by those familiar with the complexity of plants? We work independently, and in conjunction with a community of scientists and healthcare providers to evaluate the scientific basis for efficacy and safety. Do you have a question you want answered?

A consortium of scientific and medical experts is in the process of being formed to work together to provide:

  • Reasearch – New research questions and methods developed by experts as well as summaries based on literature reviews

  • Consultancy – Adressing topical questions

  • Influencing/Advocacy: – Based on evidence emerging from independent research or consultancies