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    Pharmacognosy News & Opinions

    Generic Dietary Supplements?

    April, 2021
    If you buy aspirin as the brand name Bayer or a drug store generic, you can be assured that you are getting the same active ingredient. In order to sell a generic drug, a manufacturer must demonstrate to the Food and Drug Administration that the…

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    Why take an herbal remedy?

    Is the expectation of benefit based on tradition or science? If you take a product based on traditional use, shouldn’t the product be prepared in the traditional manner? If the product is made according to the traditional manner, the chemical…

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    The Common Name is Not Enough

    The ginkgo supplement that you buy may have the backing of numerous clinical trials indicating benefits for those with dementia, as well as possible improvements in blood circulation. Or it could be a product produced as a result of creative…

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    The reason why you are taking an herbal remedy might dictate which one you choose to take

    September, 2019
    Why did you choose to take a remedy? Did you hear about an herb on the web, in a magazine or from a friend? Maybe you heard that ginkgo might help with your tinnitus or valerian might help with sleep. However you heard it, the source of the evidence…

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